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This is not in order. Please put the story about "The wishing well in order"
1. Today is a particularly busy day at the well.
2. This wishing well is very popular
3.It is New Years Day
4.Other People make wishes about their families.
5. For this reason the park will stay up all night
6.Many People are making wishes about their hopes in New Year
7.Whilst a few people make wishes about the weather
8.There is a park in the center of Adelaide and in the park there is a wishing well
9.Everyday people pass and make a wish
10.Some people make wishes about their jobs.

Thank you :)

  • English (Grade 5) -

    I'd start with 8. There is a park in the center of Adelaide and in the park there is a wishing well

  • English (Grade 5) -

    Well I've got 8,2,9,3,1,6,10,4,7,5.
    Do you think this is correct?

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