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12. Enter the following Marks for Assignment One figures:
Assgn 1
13. Due to a recent natural disaster, MAF11 students were unable to submit their assignments 2 and 3. The Course Coordinator then decided to award marks to each student based on the following criteria:
a. Assignment 2: Increase Assignment 1 mark by 10 percent.
b. Assignment 3: Take the average of Assignments 1 and 2 marks.
Create formulas that will achieve the above.

  1. MathMate

    a. assignment 2

    b. assignment 3

  2. Shinal

    Please may you please explain it in the form of Microsoft Excel? please.

  3. MathMate

    Create a third column (C) titled "assignment 2".
    Assume John is in row 2.
    In cell C2, enter
    Copy Cell C2 to the remaining cells of column C.

    Now create a fourth column (D) titled "assignment 3".
    Again, assume John is in row 2.
    In cell D2, enter
    Copy the cell D2 to the remaining cells of column D.

    Sani (last student) should get 1.155 for assignment 2.

    Adjust formatting to have a fixed number of decimals.

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