posted by Daniel

Where do we put the "and" when writing a number, 1234.567 for example, in words?

Some references say, "one thousand two hundred and thirty-four point five six seven. Other references say, "one thousand two hundred thirty-four and five hundred fifty-six thousandths.

  1. Tatiana

    Grammar is generally about what 'sounds' and 'feels' right. The first one is probably the better of the pair.

  2. MattsRiceBowl

    I disagree with that statement about grammar. We often say things incorrectly.

    Both are ok. The second one sounds more like you know what you are saying. I would go with that one.

  3. Writeacher

    The second is better, yes. The "and" usually is there to indicate where the decimal is if you write the numerals.

    (Tatiana is in trouble if she depends on "what 'sounds' and 'feels' right." Yikes!)

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