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In the laboratory exercise "Preperation and Properties of Polymers", polyvinyl alcohol is dissolved in water and then reacted with borax (Na2B4O7ยท10H2O) in water. Which of the following are expected results of this reaction?

True or False?
1. Polyvinyl alcohol became graft copolymer with pendant borate groups.
2. Polymer crosslinks into a rock-solid mass.
3. Solution changes color (without a coloring agent such as a dye or food color.
4. Hydrogen-bonding between the polymer and boron hydroxide results in a slime.
5. Solution expands in volume dramatically.
6. Polymer forms 2-dimensional polymer sheets or films, similar to plastic wrap.
7. Solution becomes much more viscous (thicker).
8. Polymer disassociated into component monomers upon addition of boron.

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