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Here are some more sentences for you to check. Thank you.

1)The trip showed me that there is a big world outside.I decided to take (??) the trip to keep my family good company and to know them better.
2)The journey on car (by car) was very boring.
3)The trip by car was long and boring and we stopped several times to fill up and to have a snack. We arrived in Rome after five hours of travel (?).
4)Our room was endowed with a private bathroom with a shower, a hairdryer, internet access, modem connection, satellite television, radio and a balcony that overlooked the sea.
5)On our stay there we visited the city centre and went on a sightseeing bus tour in Barcelona, where we visited the main monuments and the cathedral.
6)I spent most of my holiday time (??) swimming in the hotel’s swimming pool.
7)We were in half-board: we had breakfast and dinner at the hotel, but we stayed out for lunch. We sometimes were given a packed lunch from the hotel
8)I stayed in a double room with mini-bar, air conditioning, a shining bathroom and a view of the city. I knew (better: met) a group of American tourists. I made a sightseeing city tour.

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    Choose 4 or 5.

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