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I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you very much

1) My family and I drove from Turin to Pisa.
We didn't have an exciting road trip, because we mainly dorve through boring highways.
2) We spent our time having conversations about scool and relatives. We always talk about this: we have a large family and I don't know all my relatives.
3) After four hours we arrived in Pisa. There (?) we stayed in a four-star-hotel.
It had two indoor-swimming-pool and one outdoor (s).
4) I stayed in a two-bedded room which was very comfortable since it had a TV an8) During "this" trip we did a lot of different things. We also visited Rome while we went on a walking guided tour of the centre of Rome. We visited the Colosseum and the Pantheon.
5) When we returned home we were very sad.The hotel had a lot of facilities such as a snack bar, air conditioning, room service, a dining room and an outdoor swimming pool.
6) We visited a lot of churches such as, for example, the Dom of Florence.
I really want to visit it (not "her" for Florence) again.

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    1. No comma needed. Spelling >> drove

    2. Spelling >> school
    Capital W after colon; comma needed

    3. First sentence is OK. Third sentence: ...It had two indoor swimming pools and one outdoor pool.

    4. I stayed in a double room...
    Are there typing errors in this?? Some parts don't make sense.
    We also visited Rome where we went on a guided walking tour of the city center.

    5. three commas needed

    6. "such as" and "for example" are redundant. Pick one and chuck the other.
    Dom = Dome
    I really want to visit there again.

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