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Could you give me links to sites, that have compliments. I don't always want to say to people, wow, you've done such a nice job! I want to say something more sophisticated, please give me links to sites. Thanks.

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    There are lots of sites here -- especially the first 3.

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    The most important message you can give is honesty. When you say a compliment, mean it. Often folks give out words they think are compliments, but not meaning them.

    Ritual compliments, as in ritual prayer, wont get you very far in life.

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    I think it's helpful to say something specific. For example, one of my kindergarten students was coloring yesterday. Her picture had different shades of colors in it that was not easy to do so smoothly. I didn't just say, "Good job." I said, "I love the different shades of purple you used."

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