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Algebra 2

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You want to make a rectangular box that is x cm high, (x+5) cm. long and (10-x) cm. wide. What is the greatest volume possible? What will the dimensions of the box be?

I need all of the steps to get to the answer.

  • Algebra 2 -

    The volume as a function of x is given by:
    To find the maximum volume, we differentiate V(x) with respect to x and equate the derivative to zero:
    dV/dx = -3*x^2+10*x+50 =0
    Solve for x to get:
    x=-2.7 or x=6.08
    We reject the negative value of x to retain
    To check if the Volume is a maximum, we calculate
    so V(6.08) is a maximum.

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