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1). A hot iron horseshoe (mass=.40kg), just forged, is dropped into 1.35L of water in a .30kg iron pot initially at 20.0 degrees Celsius. If the final equilibrium temperature is 25.0 degrees Celsius, estimate the initial temperature of the hot horseshoe.

2). A cube of ice is taken from the freezer at -8.5 degrees Celsius and placed in a 95kg aluminum calorimeter filled with 310 g of water at room temperature of 20.0 degrees Celsius. The final situation, is observed to be all water at 17.0 degrees Celsius. What was the mass of the ice cube?

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    The sum of the heats gained is zero.

    Heat gained by water+heatgainebysteel+ heat gained by iron pot = 0

    solve for Ti if the steel horseshoe.

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