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So for my homework assignment I'm writing a letter to the clouds because I'm angry about waking up to snow this morning. We just have to use vocab words. Anyway, I'm stuck on how to say this:

Please keep your precipitation to yourself

My best attempt is:
S'il vous plait, gardez votre precipitation a vous-meme

(I am not sure how to do accents since we have a laptop)

Is that right? It seems a little bizarre to me.


  • French - accents -

    If you use Windows, you can set up the French keyboard, and automatically, the accents will appear when you type the right key. The keyboard can be switch between your regular one with Alt-Left-shift.

    You can also type accents using unicode characters, whether you have a Mac or use Windows.

    For example you can type (without the intervening spaces)
    (é) & e a c u t e ;
    (è) & e g r a v e ;
    (ê) & e c i r c ;
    (à) & a g r a v e ;
    ... etc.

    Finally, you can use the buttons in the following link to type in your text:

    Mme Sra also has a set of procedures to help you set up your computer. Stay tuned.

  • French -

    MathMate has given you an excellent site so I doubt you'll need my input, but "just in case" here it is:

    If we knew whether you have a PC or a Mac, plus Windows or not, there are additional charts. If what you now have does not work for you, just let us know.

    Sra (aka Mme)

  • French -

    Okay great! That was incredibly helpful! Could you also let me know if the sentence is correct?

  • French -

    If it were not, one of us would have mentioned it!

    The only incorrect thing would be the accents, which is why both of us spoke to that.

    plaît / précipitation / même

    Sra (aka Mme)

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