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HSM 220 Week 6 Budget Matrix

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I am having some help with this assignment. I have filled it in with what I think is correct but am not positive with my answers. Can someone please help me? The assignment is due tomorrow (4-21-11)

Budget Matrix

You are the executive director of a local government workforce agency that focuses on developing training skills for high school dropouts. Determine which of the budget items listed would be necessary in order to calculate a functional, line-item, and program budget. Mark an “X” for each budget item that would be used in each budget type. Some budget items may be marked in more than one category.

**Column one = Functional budget to determine personnel costs per member enrolled.
**Column two = Line-item budget to determine total non-salary costs.
**Column three = Total program budget

Executive X X
Training X X
Trainers X X
Employee X X
Equipment X X X
Supplies X X X
Facility rent X X X
Travel X X X
Utilities X X X
Depreciation X X X
of equipment
Transportation X X X
Outside X
Indirect costs X X X

  • HSM 220 Week 6 Budget Matrix -

    Yes you are absolutely correct!

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