BIS155 - Final Exam

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Fact Pattern Question 2: You own your own small party supply and rental business. You maintain an Excel list of potential customers and clients who have rented or purchased from you in the past two years. the list includes both physical and mailing addresses and email addresses for each person listed.

  • BIS155 - Final Exam -

    There is no question here.

    AND ... if this is your final exam, you really should be answering this completely by yourself. That's what exams are for ... to demonstrate what you have learned.

  • BIS155 - Final Exam -


  • BIS155 - Final Exam -

    I would have trouble answering this also since the teacher forgot to ask a question. :-D

  • BIS155 - Final Exam -

    I'm taking this class online and its hard! I don't want answers but maybe a study guide? Where I can see thing more clearly?

  • BIS155 - Final Exam -

    You currently volunteer at the local community center and have been asked to assist in the coordination of a fundraiser art show auction to benefit the center. You have been tasked with developing a spreadsheet to track the attendees and to calculate the associated cost. Each donor is allowed to bring one guest to the art show. There is capacity for 100 donors plus guest. The spreadsheet needs to be set up when the invitations are distributed so that you can begin recording the reservations as soon as they come in. The cost of the art show auction is not the same for the donor and the guest. The charge for the donor is $50, and the charge for a guest is $45. When the donor responds that he or she plans to attend, you want to add his or her name to the list. If they do not plan to attend, then his or her name is XXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXX fully to the following questions regarding this task: A - (TCO 1) Explain how you will structure your worksheet, including the titles, column headings, the formulas to calculate the cost for each donor (which may include the cost for a guest, and to calculate the total cost for the art show auction). B - (TCO 2) The facility where the art show auction is to be held will give the company a reduction in price if more than 50 people attend. The price per donor will then be $45 and per guest will be $40. Describe how you will set up your worksheet to reflect a change when the total number of attendees hits 50. C - (TCO 4) You want the donors who are going to attend and bring a guest to show on the list with a green background. Explain the method you would use to have this automatically occur when you indicate the employee's response. D - (TCO 4) You know that the community cent management team will want to periodically check to see who is attending. They will want the list to separate the donors coming alone and those bringing guests. Explain how you might generate this list as requested using your knowledge of Excel.

    Read more: 3.You currently volunteer at the local community center and -

  • BIS155 - Final Exam -

    You are the Payroll Manager for your employer. Your payroll clerk has submitted the worksheet displayed here. All employees earn their regular pay rate times the hours worked plus an overtime bonus of 50% of the hours worked in excess of 40 hours.

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