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Students are often confused about the use of the words good and well in their writing. Write a 100-word passage to Susan Anker, the author of the course’s textbook, in which you describe five details from her book that are good and five details about the book that are written well.

this is what i wrote:

Susan Anker, thank you for writing such a great book on English Grammar. Your book is well written and within its pages within it pages there are many good examples of proper writing. You make good examples of tables, they contain very good information. Reviews of various aspects of grammar are well written. The mini quizes throught out was very helpful, they really help focus attention on the most important aspect of grammar. Your grammar points are well organized and follow logically from one to the other. You always give relevent information without error

will some one check over this please??

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    Your uses of well and good are correct.

    Now, go through your brief paragraph and proof read it for duplications and misspelled words.

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