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how do i use two unit multipliers to convert 61.131121 kilometers to centimeters

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    1 km = 1000 meters
    1 m = 100 centimeters

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    Multiply the kilometers by 1,000 to find the meters.

    Multiply the meters by 100 to find the centimeters.

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    These types of problems are easier if you get in the habit of including the units during the conversion. It then becomes second nature when the units are less familiar.

    1 km = 1000 meters so the conversion is 1000 m km-1

    1 m = 100 centimeters so the conversion is 100 cm m-1

    61.131121 km x 1000 m km-1 x 100 cm m-1

    =6.1131121 x 10^6 cm

    note that the units balance in that the LHS cancels down to cm. This approach is very useful when you have not used the units before.

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