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College Algebra

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If 24% of your monthly pay is withheld for federal income taxes and another 6% is withheld for Social Security, state income tax, and other miscellaneous items, leaving you with $989.50 a month in take-home pay, then the amount you earned before the deductions were removed from your check is given by the equation

G - 0.24G - 0.06G = 989.5

Solve this equation to find your gross income. Round the answer to the nearest dollar.

_______ per month

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    G - 0.24G - 0.06G = 989.5
    G - 0.3G = 989.5
    0.7G = 989.5
    G = 989.5/0.7
    G = 1413.57 = 1,414

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    Thank you ...thank you ...thank you! =)

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