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With the forces in equilibrium if a stationary climber is using a rope which is 60 degrees to the vertical, the rock face is at 30 degrees to the vertical, and the weight of the climber in cluding equipment is 850N. What is the tension on the rope? What is the force exerted on the climber by the rockface? What force does the climber exert on the rockface?

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    As I understand the picture,

    mg/tension = cos60 solve for tension.

    Now, on the rockface putting a force on the climber. It depends on where the force is. Is the force the climber normal to the rockface, or at some angle?

    assuming normal, then a sketch on the rope wall face triangle, shows F/Tension=sin30, solve for F. The rockface has an equal and opposite force.

    I hope I understood the picture.

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