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Compound A reacts with element B (a halogen) to form compounds C and D as the only products. When 2.000 grams of B react with an excess of sodium metal 2.363 grams of the sodium halide are formed. Compound A is a volatile liquid at room temperature with a density of 0.8800g/ml. It contains only carban and hydrogen, and for every 1.000 gram of hydrogen it contains 11.89 grams of carbon. At 100C and 800.0 torr it is a gas with a vapor density of 2.685 g/L. Compound D is the hydrogen, and the rest element

1.)Identify A,B,C,and D. Write a balanced equation for the reaction.

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    Some hints.
    1. B is a halogen.
    Na + B ==> NaB
    You know NaB is 2.636 g and B is 2.00 g. Calculate the atomic mass B and identify it.
    Use P*molar mass = density*R*T to identify the molar mass of A. Then use the 11.89 and 1 g to find the empirical formula. Those two will tell you the molecular formula.

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