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I forgot to add these other questions. Could you please check questions 1,3 and 5 (I'm most doubtful of).

1) Focus your attention (I need a synonym) on the last Chapter of R.L. Stevenson’s “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” and point out the fundamental truth Jekyll thought he had discovered. Describe then how he prepared the drug and the effects it caused (had, brought about) on his personality.
2) Outline the main features of 18th –century novels. Refer then to the structure of Defoe’s novels.
3) What kind of creature is Caliban and what did he hope for Prospero and Miranda? (He hopes that they get drenched with a dew as evil as the one his mother used to collect from unhealthy swamps)
4)How did he behave towards Prospero when he first arrived on the island? What did Prospero and Miranda try to teach him? What did he do to spoil his relationship with them?
5) In what way is The Tempest different from Shakespeare's previous plays? Outline briefly (or briefly outline) its main themes.

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    1) some synonyms for focus your attention: consider closely, contemplate,examine, ponder , scrutinize, study


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