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math help pls!

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A lottery is set up in which players pick six numbers from the set 1, 2, 3, ... , 39, 40. How many different ways are there to play this lottery? (In this game the order in which the numbers are picked does NOT matter.)

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    When the order does not matter, the number ways of choosing the lottery can be calculated using combinations, or C(n,r), read as "n chose r". C(n,r) is defined as n!/(r!(n-r)!), similar to the evaluation problem of your other post.

    So in the case of the lottery problem, n=40, r=6, and order does not matter. So "40 choose 6" gives the answer.
    Evaluate "40 choose 6" the same way as the other problem:

    Read the following link for more detailed information:

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