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A conduction heat wave is caused to pass through a metal bar of average temperature Tmean = 36 degrees altering its temperature sinusoidally with an amplitude of Ti=2 degrees. The equation which gives the temperature T(x.t) of the metal bar at any place x(in metres) inside it at any time t (in seconds) is : T(x,t) = Tmean+Ti sin[2£k(0.029t ¡V 9.0x)+ 2£k]

a)What is the wavelength of the wave?
b)What is the period of the wave?

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    I can't read the equation.

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    I think its meant to be T (x,t) = 36 + 2 sin[2pie(0.029t - 9x) + 2pie]

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    In that case, one wavelength occurs at 2PI=9x or x= 2/9 PI

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