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Fresh snow is about one-tenth as dense as liquid water. How much latent heat is released in storm clouds per square kilometer of surface area by the freezing of water droplets if the storm deposits a 30-cm-deep layer of fresh snow?

Q = LfM where the mass is the density of fresh snow (100 kg/m^2 in this problem) times the volume.

But they only gave me the depth of the volume and I'm missing the area. I though my answer would be 100041 kJ/m^2 or 1e10 kJ/km^2 but the homework system wouldn't even allow me to input those units. I'm very stuck here.

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    Looks like your screwed

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    I believe the units for latent heat are kJ/kg. so should ur answer be in kJ/(kg*km^2)?

    I don't understand the rest of the problem though.

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