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Discuss how the rise of capitalism led to the development of communism.

I put:

• Capitalism was where individuals and business firms would carry out all factors of production and trade. The owners would control the prices of their products. When capitalism came into place poorer people started working for the rich that owned their own companies. The working people did not start out seeking revolution but immediate goals of shorter working hours and higher pay. Having free markets and individuality has created unsurpassed poverty in the US compared to any other western nation. Business owners exploited workers in order to gain bigger profits; conditions were ripe for communist leaders to step in to protect the workers.
• Capitalism led to communism because before capitalism majority of people worked for themselves and at their own pace at home. According to Marx communism comes through capitalism. Capitalism is the separation between the upper and lower classes. Marx believed that communism would come into play when the lower class got so fed up with the workers getting mistreated that they would rebel and communism would result.
Capitalism actually lead to socialism first then communism.

Professor writes back:
There needs to be a discussion about communism and how the ideology evolved and how it took root in society. Much more information needs to be added to this section.

I don't know what else he is looking for can someone please help me.

  • history -

    Your professor wants you to trace the history of communism. Tell why it appealed to so many people.

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