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I put ^ next to the answer i put. can you tell me if im correct or not. and if not can you correct it for me and tell me what i did wrong?

The length of a rectangle is 6 1/2 inches and the width is 3 3/4 inches. What is the ratio, using whole numbers, of the length to the width? (1 point)
* 26 : 15
* 26 : 30
*15 : 26 ^
*13 : 15

2. If x+3/3 = y+2/2, then x/3 = ____. (1 point )
* y + 1
* y/3 ^
* y/2
* y - 1

3. Solve the proportion.
n - 6/ 3n = n - 5/ 3n + 1

* -3 ^
* 2/5
* 9/17
* 3

4. A model is built having a scale of 1 : 100,000. How high would a 35,600-ft mountain be in the model? Give your answer to the nearest tenth of an inch. (1 point)

* 4.272 in. ^
* 2.136 in.
* 0.356 in.
* 427,200 in.

  • geometry asap -

    1. please check:
    6 1/2 : 3 3/4
    = 13/2 : 15/4
    = 26/4 : 15/4

    2. correct.
    so x=y

    3. correct

    4. correct

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