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A trapeze artist weighs 8.00 x 10^2 N. The artist momentarily held to one side of a swing by a partner so that both of the swing ropes are at an angle of 30ยบ with the vertical. In such a condition of static equilibrium, what is the horizontal force being applied by the partner?

An elevator weighing 2.00 x 10^5 N is supported by a steel cable. What is the tension in the cable when the elevator is accelerated upward at a rate of 3.00 m/s^2?

A 65.0 kg ice skater standing on frictionless ice throws a 0.15 kg snowball horizontally at a speed of 32.0 m/s. At what velocity does the skater move backward?

Two skaters, each with a mass of 50 kg, are stationary on a frictionless ice pond. One skater throws a 0.2 kg ball at 5 m/s to the other skater, who catches it. What are the velocities of the skaters when the ball is caught?

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    the horizontal force of the trapeze artist would be Wxcos(30) and for the swing to stay still it would have to be the equal force by the partner

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