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The guitar is a musical instrument of the chordophone family, being a stringed instrument played by plucking. The tone of an acoustic guitar is produced by the vibration of the strings. Guitar spring (made out of steel) has length L = 0.6 m. The elastic limit for the tension (maximum tensile stress) of steel wire, Smax = 2.7*10^8 Pa. The density of steel is 7.9*10^3 kg/m3. Find the wavelength of the fundamental SOUND wave produced by plucking the string in its middle point. Hint 1: start with finding the frequency of the fundamental wave produced on the string. Hint 2: rearrange T/mu using following formula: density = mass/volume, volume = length x cross-sectional area. Hint 3: use formula for speed of the wave to find the wavelength of the sound wave. Wavelength of the fundamental sound wave is NOT equal to wavelength of the fundamental wave on a string!

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