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I'd like you to check these sentences for me, please. Thank you very much.
It's urgent!

1) Virginia Woolf wanted to explore man's mental experience following what Joyce had already done in England Proust in France. S
2) he abondoned traditional writing techniques and turned to interior monologue. External reality lost its importance except for the influence it had on the life of the mind.
3) In her attempt to shift back and forth in time intermingling (mixing) past, present and future she uses two methods which are analogous to film montage:
- the subject remains fixed in space whereas his consciousness moves in time
- time remain fixed, whereas the spatial element changes.
4) Your purple pullever goes with your purple shoes. (but not "matches your purpke shoes)
5) These shoes don' fit me at all. I need a bigger size (How do you say: a number bigger?)
Do you think my blue blouse suit me?
6) Greg Olsen was a millionaire businessman who became the third space tourist in 2005. He trained 900 hours at Star City before he travelled.He did two hours a day physical training. 7) He also had technical training and was taught some Russian. He took off from Kazakhstan with a Russian and an American astronaut.
8) He paid $20 million dollars for the trip. When he was there, he spent time floating aroun in space.

  • English -

    1. England, Proust (or, instead of the comma, the word "and")

    2) He (capitalized) abandoned (spelling)

    3) in time, intermingling.....future, she
    time remains

    4) purpke = purple

    5) don't....a larger size.....blouse suits me

    8) aroun = around


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