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How much of a 6gram sample of silver-105m would remain after 4 minutes?
Half life=7.2 minutes

  • Half-Lifes -

    k = 0.693/t1/2
    Substitute k into the equation below.
    ln(No/N) = kt.
    No = 6
    N = unknown
    k = from above
    t = 7.2 min
    I get approximately 4 g remaining.

  • Half-Lifes -

    Great! But, so that I can understand it in the future, can you tell me what the value of k is a little more clearly? how do you do a subscript of 1/2?

  • Half-Lifes -

    The half life is given in the problem (last line you typed) of 7.2 minutes.
    I write a t1/2
    To turn on subscript type < followed by sub followed by >. Then type the 1/2. To turn subscript off type < followed by /sub followed by >

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