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A 120-V rms voltage at 2000 Hz is applied to a 6.0-mH inductor, a 2.0-ìF capacitor and a 200-Ù resistor. What is the rms value of the current in this circuit?

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    Xl = 2pi*F*L = 6.28*2000*0.006 = 75.4 Ohms.

    Xc = 1/(2pi*F*C)=1/(6.28*2000*2*10^-6) =
    39.8 Ohms.

    Z = R + (Xl-Xc) = 200 + j(75.4-39.8) =
    200 + j35.6 = 203 Ohms[10.1o]

    I=E/Z = 120[0o]/203[10.1o]=0.59[-10.1o]

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