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    #1. When you type in all-caps, two things happen:
    **it's harder to read, and
    **it's the online equivalent to SHOUTING (considered rude behavior).

    Please just type in regular mode, not with the Caps Lock feature turned on. Thanks.

    #2. Do. Not. Cheat.


    i am not beeing rude i am just not to good with the computer you are been rud i would i would like to know your name and i am not cheating every body bask questions that wat the web site is for thank you


    The way this website is intended to work is this:

    1. You run into a problem with an assignment.

    2. You let us know what your question is and what you think about it -- or why you don't understand it.

    3. You wait for someone here to help you.

    What you do NOT do is ask for answers to questions. That is cheating, according to Penn Foster.


    ok i did not know my daughter just told me to go to this web sit and ask any way thank you i did not want th anser i said i was having problems with does questions


    OK, that's a good start. Ask your daughter to post a question she is having problems with and also post what her question about that question is. Then someone who knows the subject area should be able to help her.

    It would also help if she put the subject area (not the school) in the School Subject box ... such as Math, English, history, or whatever the subject area of the class is.


    like i said this is my first time on this web page so i did not understand she said let ask them the question because they will help you with the ones you having trouble with i did not just want the anser i taught someone who took it already could explane it better let not jump to conclution about cheat


    Maybe an example might help. I have a book in front of me. I just opened it to the last page of chapter 5.

    Can you help me with answer 2?

    Try to answer my question and you'll begin to see why answering your question is impossible.

    I am not sure we can make the cheating thing clearer.


    that not what i said you are not making it clearer you are putting words in my mought i look at some one else question she was asking for the anser not help that the one back you should be on not mine because like i said i did not know about this my daughter told me they can help me why are we making this in a big deal when i am explaing my self you guys making this in a big deal it is cleare that i am not cheating i like doing thing on my own if i fail i try again but this one was stressing me out may be i just ask wrong thank you

  • Facilities and staffing -

    Has your daughter posted a question about one of her assignments yet?


    You're welcome. Yes...please do let her know she can post the question here with information on what she is having trouble with. We will be glad to help her. :-)


    Sandra, you may find a real tutor to be of help, if it cannot be done online.

    But for those who ask specific questions, and indicate what they are having problems with, they get good help. But we do not provide answers...


    I feel the need to jump in here on the cheating issue. I happen to be a Penn Foster enrollee and I can't tell you how unhappy I am with this school! Students tend to cheat when they realize, often too late they chose the wrong school and the teaching and student help staff has a rather spare tire that happens to be flat attitude! Often students looking for answers are not cheating, they are looking to work the problems in reverse because of such poor instructional help! I find myself in this category since I paid good money for this and I can honestly say for the most part, it has been wasted!! My Advice to those looking to go back to school? Do NOT go Penn Foster!! Find a school that offers financial aid and has real classrooms where you can form study groups when necessary! Cheating happens most often when your school choice is also your biggest mistake!

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