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stereotypes in psychology

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are good dancers.
drive Hummers.
have more fun.
are great lovers.
cause trouble.
are ditzy.
are on welfare.
live off other people.
have hot tempers.
are good with money.
drink a lot.
eat a lot.

  • stereotypes in psychology -

    What is your question?

  • stereotypes in psychology -

    Sorry. But who generally fit these based off of beliefs.

  • stereotypes in psychology -

    african americans are good dancers
    blonds have more fun

  • stereotypes in psychology -

    Are good dancers = ballerinas.

    drive Hummers. = GMC consumers.

    have more fun. = than who?

    are great lovers. = expats living in Asia. (My perception, at least)

    cause trouble. = trouble makers.

    are ditzy. = ditzy people

    are on welfare. = those needing assistance.

    live off other people. = elementary students.

    have hot tempers. = teenagers.

    are good with money. = Ted DiBiase

    drink a lot. = thirsty people.

    eat a lot. = people with high motabolism.

    I posted this to point out stereotypes are a horrible thing to delve into. The ultimate point of such an assignment should be to take away the stereotypes.

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