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I forgot to include the following sentences. I included my doubts in brackets. Thank you.

1) Do you think we could possibly talk through Skype?
2)Let me know when you are available for talking (?) through Skypr.
3) Samantha tried to use a translation programme on the net. She sent them the text and the programme translated it for her.
4) The translations, however, weren't very good and she didn't get good marks.
5) She also uses the internet to keep in touch with her friends through/on (?) facebook (how do you call it?), to send e-mails, to keep up to date with what happens (to get updated information about what happens?) in the world and to do school research.

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    2. spelling of Skype

    3. We NEVER advise using a translation programme. They can not get the "nuances" of a language. Some, however, are better than others.

    5. capitalization of a proper name = Facebook


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    would you rather live nearer the tropic of capricorn or the arctic circle?

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