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I included my doubts in brackets. I really hoe you can check them, too.

1)Mary uses the internet mainly to carry out school research in History, Geography and Science.
2)Whenever she needs to get (new) information/facts, she looks it up on the net.
3) It's quick and easy since she just has to type a topic (I don't know how to call it) in the search bar (I can't remember the name for it) and in less than a second she gets all the information she needs.
4) If she couldn't usethe net, it would take twice as long.
5) Samantha tried to use a translation programme on the net. She sent them the text and the programme translated it for her.
6) The translation wasn't very good and she didn't get good marks.Once she gets the facts she needs, she put them into her own words.
7) On the contrary, Mark downloads the information he needs from the net and uses it word for word (without changing anything).
8) Paul, on the other hand, (Can you suggest a better sentence connector) uses an online homework agency. He sends them his homework questions and they type him back the answers. He just has to hand them in to his teachers.

  • English -

    hoe = hope

    Google Search? for #3

    4. spacing "use the net"

    6. because you were using Present Tense, put = puts


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