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Can you please check these sentences for me? Thank you very much.

1) Storm wants to borrow Rob's bicycle pump because she wants to train for the triathlon.
2) In the beginning she didn't want to race (for the triathlon) but then she changed her mind. She was slow on her bike but she's been working on her cycling recently and she is much faster now.
3) Johnny really thinks she has a good chance to win the race.
Rob is going to train on the route of the race but he doesn't really need to check a map. Rob doesn't give Johnny his pump.
4)Rob's group is in the computer room though it should be Storm's computer session.
5) Rob swapped the session without asking Storm for permission because he wants to train for the triathlon this afternoon.
6) Storm gets all worked up because she doesn't want to put her session off until the afternoon.
7) Rob asks her to do beach activites instead but she refuses.
8) Rob tells her that he wrote his name on the noticeboard and warns her to check always the noticeboard before a session.

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