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please can u check my answer

Here are the questions:
1. A 0.45 kg book is resting on a dessktop 0.64 m high. Calculate the book's potential energy relative to
a)the desktop? b)the floor.

2. A 0.636 kg basketball has a potential energy of 19J at the basket. How high is the ball from the floor?

3. A hockey puck has a potential energy of 2.3J when it is held by a referee at a height of 1.4 m above the rink surface. calculate the mass of puck?

My solutions:(used Eg=mgh to get all solutions)
1. a) 2.8J b) 0
2. h=31m
3. 0.6176 kg

  • Physics -

    I think you reversed the answers on 1.
    2. mgh=19
    h= 19/(.636*9.8) didn't you miss the decimal place?
    3. mgh=PE
    m= 2.3/(1.4*9.8) not your answer.

  • Physics -

    when i divided 2.3/(1.4*9.8) i got 0.1676

    and for quesiton 1 do u mean that a) will be 0J sinse it is rest on the desktop and b) will be 2.8 J

  • Physics -

    yes, and yes.

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