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Guess the 4-digit combination. An X stands for a correct digit in its correct place in the combination and an O stands for a correct digit out of its corect order. 8256 OX Two of the four digits 8,2,5,6 appear in the final combination(one in the position given(for example 6 might be the last digit of the correct combination)and one in a different position(5 might be the first digit of the combination. The placemnet of the symbols does not correspond to any particular place in the combination. Using the four graded guesses together, can you deduce the correct combination?
A. 8256 OX A. 5462 OX
B. 5719 O B. 1879 OO
C. 4927 XX C. 3617 OO
D. 4986 OO D. 1468 O
E. 6749 O
a. 2196 O A. 1592 OX
b. 6873 OX B. 3468 X
c. 4589 X C. 5872 OX
d. 4372 OX D. 4179 XX

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    This is flawed.
    4927 gives us xx, meaning 2 of those numbers are in the right place.
    It cannot be 4 or 9 because 4986 says oo

    It cannot be 2 and 7 because 5872 gives us ox

    Double check it and retype, if needed.

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