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CaCO3 (s) ---> CaO(s) + CO2(g)

Calculate the yearly release of CO2 (in kilograms)to the atmosphere if the annual production of CaO is
1.9 x 10^10 kg

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    Pay attention to the units.

    1) convert 1.9 x 10^10 kg CaO2 to grams by multiplying by 1000

    (1.9 x 10^10 kg CaO2)(1000 g/ 1 kg)

    2) convert grams CaO2 to moles by dividing my the molar mass of CaO

    (__g CaO)/(1 mol/molar mass CaO)

    3) convert mol CaO2 to mol CO2 by the mol ratio (look at the coefficient of the balanced equation)

    CaCO3 (s) ---> 1 CaO(s) + 1 CO2(g)

    there's 1 mol CaO for every 1 mol CO2

    (__mol CaO)/ (1 mol CO2/ 1 mol CaO)

    4) convert mol CO2 to grams and then to kilograms by first multiplying by the molar mass of CO2 and then dividing by 1000

    (__mol CO2)(molar mass CO2/ 1 mol CO2)(1 kg/ 1000 g)

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