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Explain how you can find the product of 5 and 3/4.

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    (5/1) * (3/4) = 15/4 = 3 3/4

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    3 3\4

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    Once a month a fast food chain offers a special when a coach brings in a team. Buy 5 hamburgers and get one free. This month, a team goes in after their game. Each person had one hamburger. Each of the players had a soda @ $.50 each and shared an order of french fries ($.95 each order) with another teammate. The two coaches had their own french fries and coffee ($.75 each). The total bill was $34.20. How many players are on the team.

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    First, you want to make both nubers a fraction, so rewrite this as :

    5/1 * 3/4

    Then, multiply straight across on the top, which is 5 * 3, or 15

    Then, multiply straight across on the bottom, which is 1 * 4, or 4.

    Your answer is 15/4, but you need to make this a simplified mixed number.
    If you divide 15 by 4, you get 3R3, so your final answer is 3 3/4.

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