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So, for a project I'm doing. We're reading dante's inferno right now in English and we got a project to pick any person on the planet and put them in Hell, and to decribe the level they'd be on and why.

I'm having trouble picking the Level of Hell to put Kwami Killpatrick on.

Could someone help me?


  • Dante's Infero/Kwami KiIlpatrick -

    I suggest you make a list of his "sins," and then see which level best seems to fit them.


  • Dante's Infero/Kwami KiIlpatrick -

    What level do you think he should be on Ms.Sue? I want to know other peoples opinnions as well.

  • Dante's Infero/Kwami KiIlpatrick -

    I think he'd go on the Eighth Circle.

  • Dante's Infero/Kwami KiIlpatrick -

    Why do you think he deserves the Eight Circle?

  • Dante's Infero/Kwami KiIlpatrick -

    The Eighth Circle is a good choice. But I'm leaning toward the Ninth because of his treachery and betraying the trust of his community.


  • Dante's Infero/Kwami KiIlpatrick -

    I think he belongs on the eighth circle because of his fraud in using all the money that wasn't his own to go on ''business trips'' when he was taking his ''Mistress'' with him.. but the ninth describes him aswell.

  • Dante's Infero/Kwami KiIlpatrick -

    His name is spelled Kwame Kilpatrick.
    You don't want to send the wrong person to Hell.

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