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Calculus Please Help

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If 1100 square centimeters of material is available to make a box with a square base and an open top, find the largest possible volume of the box.

I'm supposed to type the answer in cubic centimeters... my answer was 2500 cm^3 but it's wrong... I have also tryed with others... what do I have to do???

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    volume= a^2 * h
    area= a^2+4ah

    take the second equation, solve for h


    h=1100/4a -1/4 a now put that expression in volume equation for h.

    YOu now have a volume expression as function of a.
    take the derivative, set to zero, solve for a. Then put that value back into the volume equation, solve for Volume.

    I will be happy to check your work.

  • Calculus Please Help -

    Oh I got the answer... it was 275(9.574) -- (9.574)^3

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