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Please check for commas errors. If I need to add or take out any commas, please show me where.

Have you quit trying to train your dog? Don’t be discouraged. We have the answer to your problem.
Professional obedience training can make an amazing different in the enjoyment you receive from your pet. We can train you do to response to voice commands or to visual commands. We offer night classes and boarder school classes. You may choose between private or group training sessions. We are so sure that you will be completely satisfied with our training services; that we offer a satisfactory guarantee or that you money will be refunded.
After your dog is trained at the Davis Command Training Center, you are able to receive discounts on our other services. You may board your dog and be assure that he will receive the best of care. Take advantage of our excellent grooming service. You will find a large wide selection of pet supplies to meet all of your pet needs. Come in and look around.
The enclosed brochure includes a price list for our training, boarder, and grooming service. We will be glad to provide you with more details.

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    "an amazing different in " = difference (noun) vs different (adjective)

    "you do to response " = to do / why not "to respond"

    boarder-school / group-training

    "and be assure that " = be assured

    "boarder" = boarding (parallel construction)


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