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The propmt is Write a story about a time that I did something that caused me to feel pride in myself. What is this action and why did it make me feel pride in myself. I need help writing a story into this and you proofread and revise my grammaticly mistakes.

Have you ever wanted to be happy for yourself? Well, I have. The time I had pride in myself was when I tried to make an A in the hardest teacher class, Mrs. Mangum.

There are many reasons this make me feel pride in myself. One reason is that I tried very hard on the assignment and vocabulary/ English quizzes, but never made an A. Another reason is high school students that have or had her class are telling me nobody ever passes her class she’s hard a she’s tough, didn’t make it seem any better. Last reason is finally the day that arrived became my day because I earned ten bonus points that I remembered doing for her English class, therefore that brought me up to an 96 A.

As you can see, I had pride in myself when I earned an A in the toughest teacher class. I know to try to study better because bonus points don’t come every nine weeks of school. I will just to have to put a lot of work ethic especially in her class. If you don’t believe me, that making an A in her class is hard, go ahead then.

  • Writing -

    possessive, "the hardest teacher class," = teacher's class

    "passes her class she’s hard a she’s tough, " = run-on sentence = her class; she's hard and she's tough"

    "Last thing" = The last thing...

    "for her English class, therefore that brought " = another run-on sentence = her English class; therefore that...

    "will just to have to put a lot" = will just have to put (drop the first "to")_


  • Writing -

    can u help me change this into a story with characters and dialogue?

  • Writing -

    ms.sue and writeteacher can i get your opinion as well?

  • Writing -

    Have you ever wanted to be happy for yourself? Well, I have. The time I had pride in myself was when I tried to make an A in the hardest teacher class, Mrs. Mangum.

    You could change the personal pronouns to a person's name. Instead of I, substitute Rebecca or some other name.

    Dialogue -- Other students said, "Nobody ever passes her class."

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