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I still have a few doubts on school rules.
I hope you can have a look at them. It's urgent.

1)You mustn't dirnk or eat during lessons/school hours.
2) You mustn't ask questions when your teacher explains/is explaining/during explanations.
3) You must take notes if you want to remember your teachers' explanations.
4) You mustn't cheat during written tests.
5) You mustn't prompt during oral tests.
When I enter school, I can't use the telephone.
6) When I arrive home, I have to do a lot of housework.
At home and at school I must sort the rubbish (trash). There is a bin for paper, one for glass and one for plastic.
7) I hang the clothes on the clothes line in the sun (?)
After ironing them I hang them in the wardrobe or I put them into the proper drawer.
I must be silent during the teacher's explanation.
I can ask a question, if the teacher gives me permission.
I have to take out the rubbish OR take the rubbish out.
Before pressing the start button, I add the washing powder
I wait for the clothes to wash.
At home I have to take care of the family pets.
You mustn't prompt your classmate dring an oral test.
You mustn't forge your parents' signature.
You must type your homework into your computer if your handwriting is unclear.

When the washing machine has finished better: When the washing is finished

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    dring = during (3rd sentence from the end



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