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Can some one read this and give some feedback please!

Is same-sex marriage going to create issues on our society? Same-sex marriages will most likely to have issue in many political campaigns also churches and Christians everywhere will be confronted by same-sex marriage. This could be hard for churches and Christians because they have such strong views on same-sex marriages. Christians who accepts the word of God are the ultimate authority in their lives, so the answer lies in the Bible. Same –sex marriage should not be legal because homosexuality is against God’s will, and God says man should be with a woman and woman should be with man.


Same-sex marriage is foreign to the Bible, and to the doctrine of Christ. The only marriage that God has approved of is between man and a woman. All the condemned that are mention of same-sex relationships are in the Bible. The meaning of marriage is under an attack for some time now, not only has the divorce and remarriages have undermined the institution for generations now. In addition, same-sex marriages are not the only attack; it will not be the last. The whole thought of gay marriages threatens the moral of society in addition so does commutated adultery and unscriptural divorce. That’s why all God’s way of design for marriage and family should be opposed, God intended are for children to be raised in a loving family, which should be a mother and father due to the fact of the emotional security and nurture provided. In addition, divorce destroys what God has in stored, and same-sex marriage cannot provide that.

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    Not without seeing the rest of the paper.

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    The only I had to do was create a Introduction and Conclusion so i can't give u the rest of the paper. when that's not even nearly done.

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    Hmmm. You make the conclusion before the arguments? That is one way to toe the dogma line: decide what you think before you think about it.

    You are going to be in a state of shock when you get to college, unless you go to some of those dogma loving institutions. The lord gave us a mind to analyze, not postulate. With analysis, we can reach our own conclusions.

    Good luck. By the way, is your teacher actually an English Major? Or even go to college?

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    actually i am in my 2nd year of college. and yes my teahcer is.

    I guess you don't believe in God. Well Shame on you.

    Here's what the sybullos says. since u want to be misjudgemetel.

    2. CheckPoint: Introduction and Conclusion

    • Consider the components of an effective introduction and an effective conclusion outlined in Drafting Your Research Paper.
    • Write an introduction for your research paper that draws in readers.
    • Write a conclusion for your research paper that wraps up your paper.
    • Post your introduction and conclusion as an attachment. (Reminder: You will need a complete rough draft of your research paper for the activities in Week Seven.)

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    Ohhh -- now I understand. This is an Axia or U of Phoenix class!

    The designers of your class have it backwards! An introduction and a conclusion must be written AFTER the body of the paper is completed.

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    you didn't have to be soo judgemetel.

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