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does anyone know any where that is hiring in akron ohio, i need a jon and i cant seem to find the one to get me started? can anyone help me? thanks!

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    What kind of job are you looking for?

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    well i love animals but right now im enrolled in a restaurant management program so either or... just something to get me on the go for now...

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    I suspect jobs in veterinary offices are hard to get.

    However, since you're in restaurant management, I suggest you leave your resume at as many restaurants, including fast food restaurants, as you can. Chain coffee shops also hire young people.

    These sites have useful tips for getting a job.

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    okay thank you but 1 more question since i have experience in animal care would i still put that on my resume with the restaurant because some find it discusting if i work with animals and food which i don't but they get the worng impression from the resume.

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    I'd leave the animal care part out. However, if you worked for someone who can give you a good recommendation, by all means include his/her name (with permission).

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    okay thank you so much :)

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    You're very welcome! Good luck!

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