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I still have a few parts I'm unsure of. I really hope you can help me. It's urgent, especially the last paragraph n.7

1)In the second stanza, the soldiers succeed in putting on their clumsy gas masks. Someone, however, is still crying out for help, unable to move quickly and easily as if stuck in fire or lime.
2) Through the misty panes of the gas masks and the thick green light, the poet saw his friend as if he were drowning in the deadly gas.
3) The memory of his dying friend returns in his dreams, and he cannot stop them. The poet cannot help seeing his friend, plunging (?) at him as he needs help and as he is dying.
4) His friend moves towards him, guttering like a candle which is going to extinguish, choking and drowning.
In the third stanza the poet wonders if the readers can imagine walking behind a wagon into which his dying friends had been thrown once he couldn’t walk.
5) He wonders if readers can see his friend's (hanging?) face, with its skin starting to fall off and his white eyes writhing in his face. “His hanging face like a devil’s sick of sin” (I don’t know how to rephrase this).
6) He then wonders if readers can hear the gargling sound as his friend tries to breathe with all the blood in his lungs.
7) “Obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud of vile, incurable sores of innocent tongues” (Can you help me rephase this?) If the reader could experience the horror of the war, he wouldn't tell his children the old lie.

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