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French - Sentences

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Could you check to see if these sentences make any sense. I tried to simlify what I wanted to say.

Oui, j'aime l'art parce il fais moi sourire. Il fais moi avoir envie de magique, et il donne moi plaisir.

In english:
Yes, I love art because it makes me smile. It makes me feel magical and it gives me pleasure.

I started out with the French first.

Other sentence:

Oui, j'aime la peinture parce qu'elle est vive et il fait beau.

Yes, I love the painting because it is bright and it's beautiful.

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    Stop and learn the French word, please, for "because" because I have repeatedly corrected this for you = parce que/parce qu'

    You are still thinking in English. It's easy to tell from the word order you have. Not only SIMPLIFY but use the vocabulary and structures you fully understand.

    il me fait me donne

    Looking at the English I see y ou wish to say "It makes me feel magical" but what you said is "It makes me want magical" = avoir envie de = to really want something

    Il me fait sentir magique.

    "il fait beau" = it's nice weather///
    "it's beautiful" referring to LA PEINTURE = elle est belle.

    Sra (aka Mme)

    l'art parce'il me fait sourir. (verb faire = fais, fais, FAIT)

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