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Polynomial- Doublecheck2

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I asked this earlier, but I didn't get an answer. I'm glad though, because I found a couple of typos. I can get someone to check these for me... I have to get an A, and I was wondering if someone could double check these for me. I am about 95% sure they are right, but just need a fresh set of eyes. I know I've been sending alot, but I really need them to be double checked. Thanks so much!! :)

1. Simplify 2e^2+9e+3+3e^2-5e-2.
A. 5e^2+4e+1
B. -e^2+4e+5
C. 5e^2+14e+1
D. -e^2+14e+5
My answer was A. 5e^2+4e+1

2. Find the degree of 1+2x^4+2x^2
A. 4
B. 3
C. 1
D. 2
My answer was A. 4.

3. Find the degree of 7x+2
A. 4
B. 3
C. 2
D. 1
My answer was D. 1.

4. Write the variable expression. It is 4 black squares,4 skinny white rectangles, and 19 little white squares.
A. 4x^2+4x+19
B. 4x^2-4x-19
C. -4x^2-4x+19
D. -4x^2+4x+19
My answer was D. -4x^2+4x+19

5. Simplify 4q^2-5q-1+8q^2+8q-9
A. -4q^2+3q+8
B. 12q^2+3q-10
C. -12q^2-13q-10
D. -4q^2-13q+8
My answer was B. 12q^2+3q-10

6. Subtract (7x-5y) - (2x+4y)
A. 9x-9y
B. 9x-y
C. 5x-9y
D. x-y
My answer was C. 5x-9y

7. Add (6x+2y) + (3x-4y)
A. 3x-2y
B. 3x+6y
C. 9x-2y
D. 9x-2y
My answer was C. 9x-2y

8. Add (4x-2y) + (7x-5y)
A. 11x+3y
B. 11x-7y
C. -3x+3y
D. -3x-7y
My answer was B. 11x-7y

9. Subtract (-4x^5 -5x) - (7x-5-8x^5)
A. 4x^5 -12x+5
B. -12x^5+12x+5
C. -11x^5 -13x-5
D. -13x^5 +2x-5
My answer was A. 4x^5 -12x+5

10. Subtract (4x+2y) - (8x-3y)
A. -4x-y
B. 12x-y
C. 12x+5y
D. -4x+5y
My answer was D. -4x+5y

11. Simplify 5x^4(7x+5)
A. 35x^4+5
B. 12x^5+25x^4
C. 12x^2+10x
D. 35x^5+25x^4
My answer was 35x^5+25x^4

12. What multiplication expression is shown by the model? It has two columns down, 2 big squares down and three below that. So its 10 squares all together.
A. 2x(2x+3)
B. 3x(2x+3)
C. x(x+6)
D. (x+3)(x+2)
My answer was A. 2x(2x+3). This one
I am 100% sure on, but still.

13. Simplify x^6 times x^4.
A. x^10
B. x^24
C. 2x^24
D. 2x^10
My answer was A. x^10

14. Simplify -4x(2x^4+2)
A. -8x^4-2
B. -2x^5+8x
C. -2^4-6x
D. -8x^5-8x
My answer was D. -8x^5-8x

15. Find the area of the figure. The length is 4x^2+2x and the width is 3x.
A. 7x^3+5x^2
B. 4x^2+5x
D. 12x^3+6x^2
My answer was D. 12x^3+6x^2

  • Polynomial- Doublecheck2 -

    1) Correct
    2) Correct
    3) Correct
    4) Not to sure how to solve the question
    5) Correct
    6) Correct
    7) Correct
    8) Correct
    9) Correct
    10) Correct
    11) Correct
    12) Do not understand description of model so I'm glad you're sure of this answer
    13) Correct
    14) Correct
    15) Correct

  • Polynomial- Doublecheck2 -

    Thank You :)

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