Human Growth and Development

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According to Erikson, the stage of intimacy versus isolation:
a. Is followed by the search for identity
b. Is characterized by a need for generativity
c. Involves the need to share one’s personal life with someone else
d. Occurs only if one avoids stagnation

Erikson believes that a healthy intimacy in marriage is more likely to emerge when:
a. Neither partner has yet established a sense of identity.
b. Both partners have established a sense of identity
c. One partner has established a sense of identity and the other fits in
d. The couple has several children

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    I'll be glad to check your answers.

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    Sorry. I posted them and I don't know why it didn't show up but here they are again!
    #1. b

    #2. b

    Thank you!

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    I agree with your second answer, but not your first. Check this article.

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    The answer to #1 is C. The need to share ones' personal life.

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    Christi is correct. The answer is C, as I just took my test and got the answer wrong. The teacher corrected it, and indeed it is not a, it is C!

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