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A small bottle of propane gas (C3H8) contains 400.0 grams of propane. When the propane is burned in oxygen, how many moles of each product are formed?

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    first write the balanced chemical equation:
    C3H8 + 5O2 -> 3CO2 + 4H2O
    **note: in combustion reaction of organic compounds, the usual products are carbon dioxide and water.
    then calculate for molecular weight of propane (the C3H8),, Carbon is 12 while H is 1:
    3*12 + 8*1 = 44 g/mol
    since initially we have 400 g of propane, we divide this by the molecular weight to get the number of moles of propane:
    400 g / 44 g/mol = 9.09 mol C3H8
    now we can use this to get the number of moles of each product (the CO2 and H2O) formed:
    for CO2 : 9.09 mol C3H8 * 3 mol CO2 / 1 mol C3H8 = 27.27 mol CO2
    for H2O : 9.09 mol C3H8 * 4 mol H2O / 1 mol CO2 = 36.36 mol H2O

    hope this helps~ :)

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