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Here, Im given some lists of situations, and for each situation, Ive got to figure out if using credit would be a wise or unwise decision.

Rosy’s car crashes down as she is on a business trip, its going to cost her over $2000 to have it fixed. She does not have enough cash to pay the bill so she uses her credit card instead.

This one is a little tricky, cause I could probably imagine myself doing the same thing as her, if I didn’t have my cash with me. But then again, that’s a lot of money going onto the credit card...

Any suggestions?

  • Credit Cards - Situations -

    Does Rosy have any other options? I don't think so. She obviously must have a car in working order. She can't afford to wait until she's saved enough money to pay for the repairs. For me, this is a major reason to have a credit card -- to pay for necessary emergencies.

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